E&F - when it comes to the installation of complex stainless steel piping systems

Our customers are primarily plant construction firms and engineering companies. E&F offers the full installation of complex stainless steel piping systems.

The areas of industry in which E&F specialises are the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and foodstuff industries.

We deliver installations of pipelines which come into contact with product in a variety of areas, including the following: ultra-pure steam, ultra-pure water, CIP facilities, sterile pipelines as well as steam and condensate.

We work for you both in Germany and abroad!


  • Delivery of piping installation work globally in accordance with service contract
  • Material provision
  • Advice on welding
  • Documentation in line with GMP / FDA
  • Preparation of detailed drawings using AutoCAD 2009 based on the customer's plans
  • Supply of equipment and tools, welding gases, orbital welding facilities

Quality testing and documentation:

  • Material certificates according to 3.1b
  • Weld seam records
  • Imaging and video endoscopic recording
  • Ferrite content records
  • Pressure testing
  • Residual oxygen measurement
  • Non-destructive weld seam testing (PT)

Qualifications and approvals:

  • Welders are tested in accordance with DIN EN 287 –1, DIN EN 1418
  • Certified VT 2 inspectors
  • Quality management system DIN EN  ISO 9001:2009
  • Safety management SCC
  • Certified to AD – 2000 information sheet HP 0 /  TRB 200  / TRR 100
  • Specialist welding company according to DIN EN 729-3
  • Specialist company according to Section 19 of the German Water Management Act