Our 80 employees are ideally trained to perform their assignments in stainless steel piping construction and they have extensive professional experience which gives our customers the guarantee of maximum quality and safety. Our customer base is made up exclusively of renowned plant construction firms and engineering companies from sensitive sectors. We provide our services as part of employee assignment / temporary working and the service contract.

Companies in Germany and abroad for:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotech
  • Food, beverage and feed industries
  • Ultra-pure media technology / semiconductor industry
  • Solar and power engineering
  • Aerospace

Specialist personnel:

  • Orbital welder in accordance with DIN 1418
  • Tested TIG manual welder in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9606-1
  • Installer / pipe bender in accordance with ISO
  • Certified VT 2 inspector
  • Supervisor / site manager
  • Specialist personnel for endoscopy and documentation in accordance with GMP
  • Specialist welder

Equipment of the individual fitter:

  • TIG welding equipment with HF ignition
  • Specialist tools for stainless steel processing
  • Hand tools and power tools
  • Workbench
  • Including the loan of orbital welding equipment, delta ferrite and residual oxygen meters


  • Unlimited employee assignment permit, health-insurance clearance certificates
  • Tax office, trade association
  • DIN ISO certification
  • SCC and SCP (certified occupational health and safety management)
  • Welder tests in accordance with EN ISO 9606-1 Procedural tests

Certifications and certificates:

  • Safety management in accordance with SCP
  • Employee assignment permit
  • Clearance certificate from the AOK health insurance fund
  • Clearance certificate from the tax office
  • Clearance certificate from the Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention in the Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industry