Orbital welding

The orbital welding technique is used wherever very high quality demands are placed on the welded seams. E&F utilises this technology to fabricate pipeline networks in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor and food industries in order to meet maximum purity requirements. It is primarily austenitic materials that are used here.

Our orbital welders, who are tested in accordance with ISO 14732, are experienced piping fitters.

They are also qualified TIG manual welders in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9606-1 and ISO installers. The advanced qualification to become an orbital welder took place as a result of internal and external training.

Our services:

  • Orbital welder in accordance with the employee assignment or service contract, trained to use different systems
  • Leasing of orbital welding equipment
  • VT 2 inspector and video endoscopy
  • Residual oxygen meters
  • Delta ferrite meters
  • Closed and open welding guns
  • Prefabrication of units
  • Orbitec machines are used in our lease equipment


  • Reproducibility of the welded seams, consistent quality
  • High documentation requirements are met
  • Excellent level of impact on the heat tinting and roots of the welded seam
  • Measurement of the residual oxygen with documentation
  • Optimisation of the welding times




We are always happy to provide you with any welding advice you require!